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Max Hancock has always had an eye for art and a mind for technology. He is a designer with more than 13 years of experience in interaction design, graphic design, motion design, music and typography. Among exploring different spheres of creativity, he enjoys researching and designing new forms of content architectures and social media platforms.

Formally the online residence of Diphthong Interactive Design, a studio that Max ran for six years, this site will ultimately document his art and design career, spanning from the present to 1989. He is currently an Art Director at Threespot, in Washington DC. You can read more about his professional background from his résumé.

Design • 22

Microsoft Gov 2.0 4U »
Designed a proposed interface for the Microsoft Gov 2.0 campaign.

Advertising • 16

AARP Web Ads »
Art directed the "Release Your Worries" ad banners, part of an awareness campaign.

Infographics • 28

2008 Mindflow
A diagram that show's the year in review (unfinished).

Design • 21

Grids Are For Suckers™
Programed a grid generator based on floating anchor points (unfinished).

Design • 14

AARPwelcome.org »
Launched a new member engagement site for AARP.

Interactive • 20

RTC Site Redesign »
Started the RTC Web site redesign, drafted variations and new framework.

Interactive • 17

Evermay »
Designed and art directed a Web site design for the Evermay Estate.

Event • 30

Title Change
Became the Lead Interactive Art Director at RTCRM